The prostate adenoma (enlargement). Urinary problems and solutions for it.

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Urinary problems and solutions for it. Enlarged prostate may represent an obstacle to the elimination of urine.

prostate ultrasound volume

The patient begins to notice that the urinary stream is weaker or interrupted, that it takes more time emptying the bladder or he has to wait a while to start urination.

Sometimes the patient remains with the feeling that the bladder is not completely empty. This incomplete emptying may lead to more frequent urination.

prostate ultrasound volume

But frequent urination is not a consequence of prostate, but the consequence of a more sensitive bladder. Treating urinary symptoms, caused by an enlarged prostate gland, main objective is improving urinary flow and the complete emptying of the bladder.

prostate ultrasound volume

The treatments for the prostate ultrasound volume symptoms does not solve the problem of nocturnal urination or the frequent urination. In our clinical the approach of the urinary disorders caused by an enlarged prostate is done by ultrasound measurement of prostate volume and the volume of the urine remaining in the bladder after urination and by measuring the urinary flow.

Urinalysis and PSA test are also performed and the patient is reviewed with the results for treatment recommendation. Autoevaluare Va oferim patru chestionare pentru autoevaluarea starii de sanatate: - Simptomatologia prostatei - Chestionar de apreciere a controlului vezicii urinare - Chestionar vezica dureroasa details Urodinamica Investigarea urodinamica implica masurarea presiunilor din sfincterelor ce asigura continenta urinara si din vezica urinara, in timpul umplerii cat si al golirii, metoda cunoscuta sub numele de urodinamica.

Miclea b, A. The establishing of prostate volume represents a necessary stage in choosing the method of solving prostate adenoma. The evaluation of the prostate volume can be done by transabdominal or endorectal echography. If the second method is not available it is necessary to use the echographic estimation of the volume of the prostate adenoma by suprapubian examination.