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Daca poate sub limba este cel mai bine, ca atunci merge direct in snge.


Novo Prime si Sandalwood sunt eseniale. Peppermint si Clove sau OnGuard. Peppermint ajuta la oxigenarea celulelor si "mpinge" celelalte uleiuri sa fie absorbite mai bine.

The original research was her dissertation on therapeutic- essential oils and their response in the body to cancer. Urmatoarele informatii isi au punctual de pornire in cercetarile dr Nicole Stevens, despre raspunsul pacientilor cu cancer la uleiurile esentiale. We know that chemotherapy is highly toxic and kills healthy cells along with the cancerous cells. According to the research done by Nicole Stevens, MS, it is not unusual for cancer therapies to kill a large percentage of good cells along with the bad.

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This is why we see the signs of hair loss, yellow eyes, grayed hair, nausea, fatigue, etc, from patients on chemotherapy. According to the research, in a cell count ofanything under a healthy cell death rate of 25 is phenomenal.

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With therapeutic- essential oils the cell death count is less than 25 cells. Nicole Stevens tested repeatedly and has not yet found a toxicity level, even at extremely high concentrations of essential oils.

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Se stie ca chimioterapia este extreme de toxica si omoara si celulele sanatoase imrpeuna cu cele canceroase. Din cercetarile facute de dr Nicole Stevens, nu este neobisnuit ca in terapiile anticancer sa fie omorate multe celule bune impreuna cu cele rele. Din aceasta cauza vedem semne ca: pierderea parului, ochi galbeni, par gri, greata, oboseala,etc, la pacientii care fac chimioterapie.

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Nicole Stevens a facut repetate teste si inca nu a gasit un nivel de toxicitate pentru uleiurile esentiale, nici macar in concentratie extrem de mare.

Jaime Matta Ponce School of Medicine, Ponce, Puerto Rico found Frankincense to be very effective against even chemotherapy-resistant strains of breast cancer. Jaime Matta a descoperit ca tamaia este foarte eficienta, chiar mai eficienta decat cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021 impotriva celulelor canceroase de la san. The National Institute of Health research shows effectiveness against bladder cancer.

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Google Frankincense and cancer and as of today you will find 42 papers published. Watch for more publications of this research. Institutul National pt Sanatate a facut niste cercetari care arata eficitenta tamaiei impotriva cancerului de vezica.

Cauta pe google frankincense tamaie si cancer si vei gasi 42 de studii publicate. There are also other oils which are found to be anti-tumoral; some of them also encourage the re-growth of healthy cells.

cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021

Among them are Sandalwood, Thyme, Lavender, and Clove. Understanding the costliness of pure Frankincense and Sandalwood oils it is exciting to learn that other, less expensive oils may be combined with Frankincense and Sandalwood and actually increase the effectiveness of a cancer treatment.

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Exista si alte uleiuri despre care s-a constatat ca au actiune anti-tumorala; unele dintre ele chiar incurajeaza re-cresterea celulelor sanatoase.

Printre acestea sunt Sandalwood lemnul de santalThyme cimbruLavender lavanda si Clove cuisoare.

cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021

Dat fiind faptul ca tamaia pura si uleiul de santal sunt asa de scumpe, e bine de stiut ca sunt si alte uleiuri, ceva mai ieftine, care cresc eficienta tratamentului pt cancer. Combinate cu Lifelong Vitality LLVun set de trei cutii, acestea sunt instrumente puternice pentru vindecare!

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NOTE: Frankincense and Sandalwood both require much time and care to distill while retaining the proper therapeutic constituents. For this reason the products are relatively expensive. On the other hand, be careful because other sources commonly extract using solvents or shortened distillation to save cost but loose the proper blend of constituents for maximum effectiveness.

Nota: Tamaia si Santalul cer mult timp si grija in procesul de distilare, pentru a-si pastra componentele terapeutice bune.

cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021

Din acest motic, aceste produse sunt destul de scumpe. Pe de alta parte, se cere mare atentie, pentru ca alte surse de multe ori extrag uleiul folosind solventi sau distilare scurtata pentru a economisi costurile, insa pierd amestecul necesar de elemente pentru eficienta maxima. This protocol is beginning to be used on a larger scale, by doctors in private practice and in US hospitals at this time.

Cancer pulmonar

I was taught to combine it with the Spinal Technique similar to Massage Blend Techniquedaily if possible, and lots of good water to drink. Acest protocol incepe sa fie folosit pe scala larga de catre doctorii din durere în partea inferioară a spatelui și a picioarelor cu prostatita private si spitale din SUA.

Mi s-a spus sa il combin cu Spinal Technique tehnica de masaj pe coloana similara cu tehnica Massage Blendzilnic daca se poate, si sa beau multa apa. One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Lavender morning and evening for 3 days. Frankincense, Sandalwood and Lavender topically morning and evening for those same 3 days.

Intr-o capsula cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021 marimea 00 se pune tamaie, in alta capsula Santal, in a treia capsula Lavanda, dimineata si seara timp de trei zile.

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Tamaia, Santal si Lavanda pe piele dimineata si seara in aceste trei zile. Frankincense, Sandalwood and Wild Orange topically morning and evening for those same 3 days. La fel, in cate o capsula, ulei esential de tamaie, santal si portocala timp de trei zile. Tamaie, santal si portocala dimineata si seara prin masaj pe piele in aceste trei zile.


One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Lemon Repeat process IN capsule: tamaie, santal, lamaie si prostatita crescută piele One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Thyme Repeat process In capsule: tamaie, santal, cimbru thyme si pe piele se dilueaza cu ulei presat la rece pt ca cimbrul poate arde pielea One 00 capsule Frankincense, One 00 capsule Sandalwood, One 00 capsule Clove Repeat process In capsule: tamaia, santal, cuisoare cloveplus pe piele se dilueaza cu ulei presat la rece pt ca cuisoarele pot arde pielea The oils may be rotated as often as necessary.

Aceste uleiuri pot fi reluate prin rotatie de cate ori este nevoie. I am not a doctor, but I do work with doctors whom I trust, and this is what they would do for their family. I have shared this protocol with family members and friends with tremendous success when the need has arisen. Nu sunt doctor, insa lucrez cu doctori in care am incredere si acesta este protocolul pe care l-ar recomanda familiilor lor.

cáncer de próstata pdf elsevier 2021

Am dat aceasta reteta si prietenilor si familiei mele si a avut un mare succes ori de cate ori a fost nevoie. Marie - I have a family member with cancer, so have been studying the cancer protocol. There are some wildly varying opinions expressed about how many bottles of frankincense and sandalwood are required, which left me quite confused. The higher estimates would be very cost prohibitive and may discourage people from proceeding, as it almost did me.

Prostate Cancer: Clinical Guidelines, Novel Therapies, and Therapeutic Uncertainty

I looked up the volume of a 00 capsule and its just under one ml. The protocol suggests two capsules per day which would equal 14 ml. Just thought others might find this info helpful!